The Process of Finding

Sky-Fluffy-Clouds.Jpg (with Bill Bryson)

(coloured pencil on paper, e-book screenshots, Hahnemühle photo rag)


Notes (From notebooks 2012  to present – ongoing)

(Paper roll, typewriter ink, Olivetti typewriter)

This exhibition happened in the Hard to Find Bookshop from 25 June – 25 July 2014 and the work itself had to be found amongst the confusion and chaos of the overflowing shelves and the myriads of tacked up notices on the walls.

The store itself is a fascinating place and Alexa Mickell, Justine Giles and I lost our work within the madness.

The very concept of finding requires that something must at first be lost, left behind or forgotten, temporarily elsewhere until it is once again called into the spotlight in the excitement of its having been found.

A second-hand bookstore is a temporal holding space, a halfway house for words waiting to complete their promised transaction from person to person.  A bookstore like this one is a magical elsewhere for ideas, until they are rediscovered and passed on once again.

The road to rediscovery is often serendipitous, a consequence of a strange journey that leads from this to that. Surrendering to the search means opening up to the possibility of the unexpected

Motivation Collection “**$1 NO RES**” Anthony Robbins Motivation collection, never been used, still in the wrapper. possibly a collectors dream Listing #726908989

(set of compact discs, shrink-wrap)


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