The Death of a Journey

An anchor marks a pause in movement, the end of a journey and the stillness before the start of another.

This anchor, one of the final additions to the Nomadic Art Gallery Truck and colourfully reminiscent of a wheel clamp binds the truck to a stationary point in space, holding it in stillness until the anchor is picked up and the next journey begins.

More information about the Nomadic Art Gallery’s fantastic journey can be found at their website here:

A great article on the project here:

The work can be seen in person at its final resting place (for now) at Connells Bay Sculpture Park on Waiheke Island:

As part of this project my work Green/Grey/Green & Grey/Green/Grey was acquired for a private collection on Waiheke Island

Green/Grey/Green & Grey/Green/Grey
Acrylic on canvas, 350 x 350mm

Lines can be captured by something as simple as a wheeled pencil in a box sent to a destination.

The drawings produced are a record of the motions and movements felt while in transit between places; a mapping of a journey not by direction and distance but by kinetic energy and time.

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