Pat & Eileen at Auckland Art Fair

Pat and Eileen. Grandparent’s Handwriting in Acrylic on Wallpaper 2760 x 532 mm

I remember being told a story about my grandparents and their perpetual difference of opinion on what colour to paint over the wallpaper in the hallway.

Eileen’s cheerful yellow preference calling out from her potting wheel at one end of the house, Pat’s practical reply emerging from his workshop at the other.

A playful back and forth over the years, a mantra, a dichotomy of colour describing character more than merely paint preference.

Eileen passed in 1992, Pat in 2014.

The hallway remained unpainted.

More information about the mothermother booth at the 2021 Auckland Art Fair including a downloadable PDF of the catalogue book with essays by Kelly Carmichael, Dina Jezdic, Stella Brennan and Robyn Walton can be found here:

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