Iteration 2 MotherMother

Mother mother

“Mothermother is a permanent exhibition platform which weaves female artists through an ever-evolving project.

Situated at LOT@# gallery the project includes and welcomes emerging and established contemporary artists to collaborate. The exhibition continually evolves as artists exchange places. The idea is that the exhibition doesn’t end – a story is created with artists handing the space onto new artists.

The project fosters connection by inviting artists who exhibit in the project to make contact with artists in the wider community to initiate an exchange of space.”




Mapping is a way of understanding, of making sense of something vast and intricate, a means of compiling information, making something larger than ourselves visible and accessible.

Contour maps show elevations which change slowly but inevitable over time due to erosions or the administrations of man, or can be altered swiftly by the explosive forces of shifting plates.

The weather too is a vast force mapped for accessibility and understanding, a constantly shifting mass of information and pressure made visible, moving in faster flux to geography but the two are inextricable linked, each able to change the other.

Mapping Eden

Graphite, silverpoint and ink pen on paper 705 x 1000 mm

Yellow is a Tricky Thing


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