“We invited 17 artists to transform a simple piece of MDF into a new work, using their chosen media. During the exhibition each participating artist was given an anonymous “Love their work” card on which to decide the works they love the most. Following the show, each artist was given another’s work to take away with them, based on their feedback.”

Artists: Klae Brown, Darryl Chin, Sena Park, Tabitha Cornelia, Rose Meyer, Bobbie Gray, Sarah Walker-Holt, Anieszka Banks, Cam Edward, Natasha Wong, Ellen Mekkelholt, Isabella Young, Rose Northey, Isobel Gledhill, Chippy Draws, Pauls Friis, Rhys Collier.

Anchored here where you are
Graphite, Ink and Ocean water on Comet Offcut Board
400 x 320 mm

Cartography aims to model reality into an understandable form, making something immense into a readable record. Drawing too is a record maker, a map of observation and physical movement, a means of compiling visual complexities.

Marine, topographic and motion maps are layered together in graphite, and ink and ocean water sourced from the closest bay is used to delineate land from sea; these maps are anchored together at a single location, the place from where the wooden surface originated, the site of Comet Project Space; here where you are.


Photos courtesy of

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