Posted Drawing Box (Wallace)

Ballpoint, paper, cardboard box, postal system (drawing device: wheels, wood, pen cartridge)

610 x 450 x 150 1.2 kg August 2015


This work is journey specific and is created en route to the Wallace Awards by placing a wheeled drawing device into a box containing mounted paper.

This work is created by the accumulative marks made in transit between departure and arrival. This process is made visible through provisional materials and provisional display methods; the work is leaning against a wall, not fixed in space, this alludes to the works own possibility of movement through time and space.

This compression of journey into drawing is produced through both duration and distance and can be understood as both cartographic and seismographic in nature.

Because the work has been selected for inclusion into the travelling show the drawing process can continue in transit between venues, allowing the drawing to evolve over the course of the exhibition and become not just a record of the box’s journey from artist to Wallace, but also encompassing the time spent travelling with other artworks.

Posted Drawing Box (Wallace) Photo courtesy of
Posted Drawing Box (Wallace)
Photo courtesy of

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