Journey; From Pen to Print to Paint (NZPPA Award)

Journey NZPPA award
Journey; From Pen to Print to Paint. 2016. Acrylic on unbleached canvas, 615 x 920 mm.

This work started its life as a drawing made by placing a wheeled pen into a box containing paper, the box was then sent to a destination through the mail. The resulting marks record the incidental movements of its travel, a literal translation of the space and time of its journey, documentation of its own creation.

The lines made by this process then undertook a second journey through process and media; a translation through the digital, from photograph to vector, from vector to vinyl cut, finally resting as painting.

Rose Meyer (1) (1)
Photo Credit: Waikato Society of Arts

This work won the Supreme Award at the 2017 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards.

Many thanks to The Waikato Society of Arts and to the Philip Vela Family Trust for their generosity.


Press below:

Art awards go postal 1

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