Between the lines – a drawing show

Rose Meyer, 2016. Tracked (series of 5). [Ink on mounted paper, 455 x 610 x 150mm] Posted from the artists studio to the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville.

Rose Meyer, 2016. Main Gallery Floor Plan: Wallace Morrinsville. [Graphite on board, 565 x 775mm]


Rose Meyer, 2016. Morrinsville to Morrinsville : Three weeks in a car. [Graphite on paper, 740 x 705mm]


Rose Meyer, 2016. Line and Tone: Journey and Site . [Digital print on drawing paper, 420 x 595mm]


4th-22nd June 2016
Featuring: Dean Tercel, Ethan Reid, Justine Giles and Rose Meyer

Wallace Gallery Morrinsville

Lines that are laid down provide intersections, crossovers, points of commonality. Between the lines brings together four artists with diverse practices working in the language of drawing, their work finds cohesion in the use of drawing as record, process and imitation.

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